Crystal Lake Colorado Fishing Guide

Crystal Lake Colorado Fishing

Crystal Lake Colorado is a beautiful lake that sits in the shadow of the highest peaks of the Rocky Mountain, Mt. Massive, and Mt. Elbert. It’s located about six miles south of Leadville, Colorado, on the west end of US 24. Crystal Lake holds a great trout population and Rainbow Trout, making fishing exciting in … Read more

Technical Poling Skiffs for Fishing Shallow Waters

Technical Poling Skiffs

Shallow water fishing is one of the most challenging techniques, but it’s also the most exciting and rewarding style of fishing. This sports fishing technique has been rapidly gaining popularity among anglers as well as the mainstream fishing outlets. However, you’ll need the right technical poling skiffs with tremendous capabilities to make your experience worthwhile. … Read more

Best Baitcaster Under 200 Dollars

Best Baitcaster Under 200 Dollars

Getting your hands on the best baitcaster or baitcasting reel under 200 can be a challenging undertaking. This is particularly true for first-time anglers who don’t know much about fishing and the right fishing gear to invest in. Regardless of whether you’ve been on numerous fishing expeditions before or simply want to replace an old … Read more

What Size of Reel is Best for Surf Fishing?

What Size of Reel is Best for Surf Fishing

The reel size can mean the difference between a successful surf fishing expedition and a failed one. No single reel size is ideal for all fishing conditions, and the most suitable reel size is contingent upon a raft of factors. The factors include the size of your fishing rod, the type of fish you intend … Read more

Best Snakehead Lures and Baits for Beginners 

Snakehead Lures

Snakeheads are an invasive fish species that predominantly inhabits freshwater bodies. As their name suggests, the fish species shares some physical traits with snakes. Distinct features that set snakehead fish apart from snakes include their dorsal, anal, and pelvic fins and truncated tail. Snakeheads are not like ordinary fish because they can breathe atmospheric oxygen. … Read more

Is Fly Fishing Hard to Learn?

Is Fly Fishing Hard to Learn

Fly fishing is one of the most enjoyable recreational activities out there. However, as a beginner, the learning curve can be quite steep, particularly if you have never done any other type of fishing. Common aspects of fly fishing that are hard to learn include setting up a rig, casting a rod, determining the sections … Read more

Cheap Poling Platform DIY Ideas

Cheap Poling Platform

If you’re a boating enthusiast working on a budget, you may be wondering if there are cheap poling platform DIY ideas that could work for you. Your best bet is probably going to a general welding shop specializing in aluminum fabrication. It will undoubtedly be more affordable than getting it from a marine aluminum fabricator. … Read more

Snakehead Fry Recipe for a Crispy Taste

Snakehead Fry Recipe for a Crispy Taste

If you’ve ever eaten fried snakehead fish, you’ll agree it’s delicious. The firm, white, scaly meat gives it a great taste and makes it one of the best mouthwatering meals you can ever indulge in. But, suppose you bought snakehead fish from the market, how would you cook it? Fortunately, we’ve outlined this snakehead fry … Read more

Best Fish Finders Under $200

Best Fish Finders Under $200

Locating fish or shoals of fish in the open seas, lakes, or rivers can be a nerve-wracking experience. Whether you are a commercial fisherman, an angler, or a sports fisherman, you need a fish finder for a seamless and productive fishing expedition. Fish finders use sonar technology to locate and detect fish in water. If … Read more

Best Fishing Flashlight for Night Fishing

Best Fishing Flashlight

If you are an angler accustomed to fishing in different conditions, a fishing flashlight is an absolute necessity. A flashlight is particularly vital when you are fishing in the dark or making a pre-dawn hike to find an ideal fishing spot. In essence, a powerful fishing flashlight optimizes your nighttime fishing experience because it enables you to … Read more

Best Fly Fishing Multi-Tool

Best Fly Fishing Multi-Tool

Choosing the perfect fly fishing accessories can be confusing, especially to inexperienced anglers. This is mainly because you need to have multiple equipment, gadgets, tools, and lines to optimally enjoy your fly fishing outing. A fly fishing multi-tool is one of the most important things in an angler’s tackle box or vest. However, since some … Read more