About Us

Hello, and welcome to my website Leisurefishers.com. My name is Raymond Smith, and I’ve been obsessed with fishing and boating since childhood. I used to accompany my father to every weekend fishing escapade along the banks of the Madison River, where we would try to catch as much fish we could, each time targeting different species to add to our belts.

Raymond Smith
Raymond Smith

I love angling travel and exploration, and I have amassed more than ten years of experience in trout and steelhead fishing techniques. Whenever I’m out to the blue-ribbon trout stream, I strive to devise and perfect new fly techniques and patterns to fool literally any creature that swims. Being an observant and creative fly tier and angler, I often catch fish when others don’t, and I share all my tips here.

Through the Leisurefishers.com website, I promote leisure fishing in an educational, respectful, and fun way. Besides fly fishing, I have also ventured into deep-sea fishing and beach casting, just for fun. Feel free to ask me any questions about fly fishing, and I’ll be glad to answer as soon as I get off the river bank.

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