Are Ugly Stik Rods Good? Why Should You Get This Brand?

Hello everyone! The fishing season is here, and so many fishing rod options are available in the market for sale. But which is the best brand for you? And how can you tell it’s the best? Well, you’ve arrived at the right place. The first thing that crosses the minds of fishing experts when it comes to ugly stick rods is their reasonable price and well-known reputation for fishing in both salty and fresh waters. But are Ugly Stik rods good? Read through our review to get into the details and make a more informed decision before you key in your credit card details.

Are Ugly Stik Rods Good?

The ugly Stik fishing rod was first discovered in 1976 by William Shakespeare. He was a mere kid at that time when he discovered his fishing hobby. Thanks to his invention, Ugly Stik has become durable and dependable to many fishermen today.

Shakespeare released a new version of their Ugly Stik rod (GX2) in 2013. Similar to the old version, the new brand GX2 rod is loaded with great value and has had some significant upgrades recently that will have even the most experienced anglers excited about buying and adding it to their toolbox. As mentioned earlier, its price is reasonable and hence its money saving.

Ugly Stik rods will hold up well to abuse and misuse. Stainless steel guides won’t rust soon, even when the water is very moist. They are powerfully designed to hold even the heaviest braided lines. Moreover, their blank seat is exposed to allow quick and more convenient reels to change, yet it secures your reel in place when needed.

You can choose from many different grip materials and styles so you can pick what fits your hand comfortably. Shakespeare offers a versatile rod that features different weight classes, action levels, and lengths. They feature more lightweight fishing rods that can fit smaller hands.

Key Features of Ugly Stik Rods

Now, let’s outline the new upgrades that will make you want to grab the Ugly GX2 Stik fishing rod. 

One-Piece Guides

Many people will be shocked at Shakespeare’s changes to their new fishing rods. The first thing you’ll notice is the versatile design. Shakespeare has re-engineered an entirely new guide whose new name is Ugly Tuff™.

The ancient guides were tough. However, they had a ceramic insert that could break easily. The new guides are durable, and the inserts are tough to break. The guides are made of one piece of durable, stamped stainless steel that makes them almost difficult to destroy.

Clear Tip 

Ugly GX2 Stik fishing rod features a precise signature tip that alerts you whether you’ve got an Ugly Stik or not. More imperatively, the clear signature tip provides you with the sensitivity you require to feel even the lightest strike of the stealthiest fish and the strength to hold up to a large redfish of 50 lbs. or a tarpon of 100 lbs. 

Rod Blank 

This rod has a new blank seat. It is made of graphite and traditional fiberglass, giving it a more appealing look. Because of the added black graphite, the original black finish was once glossy, but now it is more noticeable. We like the matte black finish. It’s highlighted by a beautiful diamond pattern hand-drawn in red light and silver.

Durable Grip 

New grip material enables you to hold the rod securely even after long hours of retrieval and casting. This new rod features an Ugly Stik branded logo on the bottom of the rod.

Other outstanding features of the Ugly GX2 Stik fishing rod include:

  • It’s well balanced
  • Features a precise, durable tip
  • One-piece guide design
  • Fiberglass & graphite rod blank
  • Ugly tuff & ugly Tech construction

Pros and Cons for Ugly Stik Rods

Since you’re well aware that every product is likely to have its advantages and disadvantages, below are some of the things we liked and disliked about Ugly Stik Rods.

So, let’s start with the pros:

Pros Of Ugly Stik Rods

  • Several weights available 
  • Highly durable
  • Lightweight
  • Reasonable price

Cons Of Ugly Stik Rods

  • 2-piece design can come separately; get a 1-piece design
  • Cork vs. foam handle

FAQs About Ugly Stik Rods

How strong are Ugly Stik Rods?

Have no doubt; Ugly Stik Rods are indeed very strong! Over decades, the manufacturer has been ranked among the top for producing the most rigid rods. Ugly Stik Rods are made to withstand even the heaviest and biggest fish catch. They seem to be unbreakable.

Here is a short video to demonstrate their strength.

In which country are Ugly Stik Rods manufactured?

Ugly Stik Rods are manufactured in China, Korea, and Taiwan.

Are Ugly Stik Rods recommended for bass fishing?

Yes! These rods are worthy and recommended for bass anglers. Not to forget, they come in hand in with distinct power ratings and lengths. However, a 6’6″ power model rod is ideal for triggering explosive base bites. It uses the topwater lure to do the trick.

Wrapping Up

If you are starting your fishing, it is difficult to go wrong if you have the Ugly Stik GX2 fishing rod. It will consistently outperform many other rods that cost twice as much and are not nearly as durable. Moreover, the GX2 fishing rod is great as a backup rod or a short-term loan for your pals.

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