Can You Use a Baitcaster on A Spinning Rod?

It is not a nice idea to use a baitcaster on a spinning rod. When you spin a reel, the line that goes through the rod is twisted in large curves. This is the reason why spinning rods have very large guides. On the other hand, when baitcasters are used, the line is fed to the rod in smaller curves. Hence, casting rods feature smaller guides compared to spinning rods.

If you use a baitcaster on a spinning reel, you’ll have problems guiding the fish correctly. Not to mention, for a casting rod, the eyes are supposed to be focused up, unlike for a spinning rod, where they’re focused downwards. You’ll be facing the wrong direction.

Casting Rods Vs. Baitcasters

Baitcasters are typically a reel with a spool that turns continuously and are usually mounted to a fishing rod with a trigger handle. They should be set up on casting rods and not on spinning rods. Baitcasters and casting rods aren’t good for beginners or trainees. However, they work best when you’re done with spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and jigs for bait. It’s because you can achieve better accuracy with casting rods than with spinning rods.

Baitcasters are challenging to master, unlike spinning reels, but if you do, you’ll be able to launch lures further and more accurately than with spinning reels. However, if you are trying to become a master of the baitcaster, you’ll experience line pulling backlash or lines that stray off the spool because you can’t get the correct force on the spool. 

Keep in mind that baitcasters are very useful when you have a hard surface to work on. If you’re fishing on lily pads, you can drop a bait on each of them more accurately with a baitcaster than by spinning a fishing rod.

Angler using a spinning reel

Spinning Reels and Spinning Rods 

Spinning rods are ideal for beginners. They’re easy to use and don’t require much equipment. All you have to do is cast the rod and turn the grip when you want to guide the line. Spinning rods come with spinning reels that sit underneath them, which allow you to spin the line around the rod. The rods have large eyes that allow the line to curve in large circles, making it easier than baitcasters.

Spinners work best when fishing with light plastic and live bait. On the other hand, casting rods and baitcasters work well for people who want to throw some big bass to the surface. However, with spinning rods and reels, you’ll have some drag when you start to cast a lure. You won’t get any backlash when cast with spinning rods and reels.

Spinning rods are perfect for all kinds of fishing, but they’re difficult to guide when you need to land a big fish. If you want to get a shot at a big bass, you may need to use a baitcaster and a casting rod.

Why You Should Not Use a Baitcaster on A Spinning Rod

Here are four reasons you shouldn’t use a baitcaster on a spinning rod:

1. It Minimizes Casting Distance

Do you remember, as mentioned earlier, about turning your rod more slowly? Using a baitcaster on a spinning rod will get lines flying everywhere when you cast the rod. It will increase friction and cause you to lose distance very quickly. 

2. You will Crush the Line Guides

Imagine five people lifting a heavy load and another group pulling the same load in the opposite direction. When you’re using a baitcaster on a spinning rod, you may have to bend your rod in the wrong direction. Attempting that may end up destroying your fishing rod.

3. You Might Easily Break your Fishing Rod

Most spinning rods are made to be flexible. And please note that… not flexible towards the backward direction! When you use a baitcaster to catch fish, you will have to bend the rod the wrong way. If you do this, you will destroy your rod. It means that you oppositely bend the spinning rod blank. Doing that might end up breaking your rod.

4. It’s A Bit Silly!

Look… Everyone learns from their past mistakes. So don’t mismatch the reel and the rod. There are plenty of ideas you can try out for the best fishing experience.

Here are some best options for you:

Best Overall Fishing rod: Daiwa Maddragon Carp Rod

Best Allround Fishing rod: Daiwa Telescopic Allround Rod

Best Overall Spinning Reel: Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel


Which one would you use? Baitcaster vs. spinning reel?

A spinning rod is likely to be a more advantageous option when an 8 lb or smaller line is required to catch fish. If you need to use a fishing line that weighs 10lb or more, a baitcaster will have you covered.

What’s the appropriate rod to use on a baitcaster?

Use a rod at least 10 feet long and a heavy line to start learning how to cast bait effectively. You will find it easiest to use a fishing line that weighs between 15 and 17 pounds. That will help you avoid reel twists.

Are Baitcasters difficult to use?

It depends. If you want to learn to fish with a baitcaster, you should first learn to fish with a spinning reel. However, it takes a little more patience and determination for any angler to learn how to use a baitcaster. Meanwhile, using a spin reel is fairly easy.

Wrapping Up

Using a baitcaster on a spinning rod is not a good idea! But we all make mistakes! You will appear to be a definite amateur and risk breaking your rod. You don’t want that to happen! It may ruin your fishing expedition. There are great combos of fishing rods and reels that work perfectly together available for sale, and the best part is that they are relatively affordable! So, try and get one for yourself.

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