Must-Have Winter Fly Fishing Gear 

Winter Fly Fishing Gear 

Chilling winter weather is almost here, but that doesn’t mean anglers should forgo their fishing expeditions. If you want to take greater advantage of the season’s several fly fishing opportunities, it’s crucial to be appropriately prepared and equipped to do so. You’ll want to invest in the right winter fly fishing gear to keep yourself … Read more

Best Baits for Sheepshead: How to Catch and Rig

Best Baits for Sheepshead

Sheepshead fish prefer all sorts of mollusks and crustaceans, but every experienced angler will agree that their absolute favorite dish is the fiddler crab. Other great baits you could try out include sand fleas, mussels, shrimp, mud crabs, oysters, mangrove tree crabs, and even barnacles. This article highlights the top 10 best baits for sheepshead … Read more

Fly Fishing Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Christmas Holidays

Fly Fishing Stocking Stuffer

While there are several great holiday gift guides online, getting your special angler a great fly fishing stocking stuffer could be a god-sent. And since fly rods don’t fit quite well in a stocking, our team has pieced together this guide on innovative but inexpensive fly fishing stocking stuffer ideas for passionate anglers. Let’s jump … Read more

Best Snakehead Lures and Baits for Beginners 

Snakehead Lures

Snakeheads are an invasive fish species that predominantly inhabits freshwater bodies. As their name suggests, the fish species shares some physical traits with snakes. Distinct features that set snakehead fish apart from snakes include their dorsal, anal, and pelvic fins and truncated tail. Snakeheads are not like ordinary fish because they can breathe atmospheric oxygen. … Read more

Best Fish Finders Under $200

Best Fish Finders Under $200

Locating fish or shoals of fish in the open seas, lakes, or rivers can be a nerve-wracking experience. Whether you are a commercial fisherman, an angler, or a sports fisherman, you need a fish finder for a seamless and productive fishing expedition. Fish finders use sonar technology to locate and detect fish in water. If … Read more

Best Fishing Flashlight for Night Fishing

Best Fishing Flashlight

If you are an angler accustomed to fishing in different conditions, a fishing flashlight is an absolute necessity. A flashlight is particularly vital when you are fishing in the dark or making a pre-dawn hike to find an ideal fishing spot. In essence, a powerful fishing flashlight optimizes your nighttime fishing experience because it enables you to … Read more

Best Fly Fishing Multi-Tool

Best Fly Fishing Multi-Tool

Choosing the perfect fly fishing accessories can be confusing, especially to inexperienced anglers. This is mainly because you need to have multiple equipment, gadgets, tools, and lines to optimally enjoy your fly fishing outing. A fly fishing multi-tool is one of the most important things in an angler’s tackle box or vest. However, since some … Read more