Common Family Fish Riddles With Answers 

Have you had a family fish riddle lately? Many folks found it hard to spend time online during the tough times when the universe was fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people turned to their favorite social media sites to pass the time. During the long quarantines, people took up online games like online puzzles, riddles, and quizzes to test their skills. 

Well, here are the answers to the most common family fish riddles, including the two fathers and two sons fish riddle! It would be so much fun if you tried solving them with your friends. And since the family fish riddle is now the brand-new buzz online, don’t forget to share this with your pals!

Riddle 1: 

Two Dads and Their Two Sons Went Angling Together. They All Caught One Fish Each. However, At the End of the Angling, They Had Three Fish. How Is That Possible?

The Answer – There are three men: 

  • A grandfather
  • A father (grandfather’s son)
  • Father’s son

Riddle 2 

It Can Break When placed on Water but Can’t When Placed on Land. What Is That Thing?

The Answer – A wave

Riddle 3

18-wheeler 10,000 kilograms is across a bridge that has the ability only to support such a heavy load. Halfway as you cross the bridge, a sparrow that weighs 30 grams lands in the cab of a big rig. However, the bridge doesn’t fall. Why not?

The Answer: Since the bridge spans a 4 km long area, the halfway point should be 2 km. It would have taken much more fuel (over 30 g) to drive two kilometers on 18 wheels.

Riddle 4

Hester goes out for a ride on her bicycle during the afternoon. She cycles for 1 hour at 5 miles per hour, then 3 hours at 4 miles per hour, then 2 hours at 7 miles per hour. What is the total distance covered?

The answer – The total distance covered is 31 miles

  • One hour at 5 miles an hour = 5 miles
  • Three hours at four miles an hour = 12 miles
  • Two hours at seven miles an hour = 14 miles

Total = 14+ 12 + 5 = 31 miles


What are the common characteristics of all fish?

Fish live in water and have a backbone because they are vertebrates. Most fish share a few common characteristics, but some are very different. Fish with fins, such as salmon have gills and numerous scales. They also mate by laying eggs.

Do fish take a nap?

Fish do not sleep as land mammals do, but they rest when they need to. Fish can reduce their movements and metabolism while alerting them to unexpected danger. Some fish can float on the water, some can easily hide in coral or mad, and some can even create a nest in a suitable place.

What’s the most expensive fish? 

A goldfish.

Wrapping Up

Having gone through these family fishing riddles and memorizing the correct answers, you’ll be more than a conqueror when it comes to family fish riddle games. So practice these family fish riddles regularly and have fun! 

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