How to Find King Salmon Near Me?

It’s Memorial Day, and you can’t find king salmon near you or where to buy King salmon? You can usually catch King salmon in the Bay Area three months before Memorial Day. But it’s different this year. It looks like King salmon fishing in California isn’t set to begin until the middle of the year due to concerns that the fish stocks in the country’s northern region are starting to decline. However, Bay Area residents can get plenty of salmon by fishing on the Central Coast, where the salmon season begins in May.

Where to Find King Salmon?

Wild-caught King salmon is being sold at grocery stores across the Bay Area for about $28 – $32 per pound. That’s similar to the price you’ll pay for salmon in recent years. It’s also sold in fishing boats, farmers’ markets, and grocery stores. Some sellers said they had difficulty finding buyers prior to the long weekend that marked the start of summer.

Many traders who run seafood restaurants at Pier 45 in San Francisco said people would purchase it if they had the money. It’s said that some wholesalers had to freeze almost 400 pounds of salmon or about a third of the fish they purchased in May, because they could not find anyone to buy it. The price of king salmon has remained too high for large grocery stores to carry it. Safeway in San Francisco doesn’t carry wild king salmon, but smaller stores carry it. These include Bi-Rite in San Francisco, Hook Fish Company in Mill Valley, and Monterey Fish in Berkeley.

Fishing has been allowed along the California coast from Pigeon Point (in San Mateo County) to help protect wild salmon in the Klamath River( Northern California), which may sometimes make their way to the Bay Area. However, the population of the king or chinook salmon caught now is expected to be up 45% from last year.

There are only five or six days that the fishing season at the Central Coast can be opened. Not to forget that the rough weather at the coast has made fishing much harder. Fishing windows are often short, but that’s not always bad as it can limit the number of fish caught.

In the Bay Area, fishermen at Pillar Point Harbor recently posted pictures of their catch on their FishLine app, and some fishermen planned to vend salmon at San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf. Sellers also have accounts on Instagram and Facebook. The next time you can fish the Central Coast will be until June 12. San Francisco fishing season for the area around Pigeon Point and Point Arena (Mendocino County) starts July 8. It runs for three to four weeks, with a further short season from Pacifica to Point Reyes beginning in October.

Tips For Purchasing King Salmon

You should know how to differentiate between frozen and fresh salmon. Fresh King salmon is not as good as frozen one. Fresh salmon isn’t better—at least not when “fresh” means unfrozen. Soon after being caught, the salmon will begin to deteriorate in quality. Even if you clean the salmon and cut it into chunks, it should be consumed within a day or two. If you live in an area that contains real fresh salmon, you can enjoy it right away. Otherwise, you can only get cooked, frozen salmon that has been vacuum sealed within one to two days of being caught. 


If you buy good salmon and freeze it, it will stay safe for several months, but it will become less firm if it’s fatty. Most King salmon will last for about six months in the freezer. Kings salmon tastes best when it’s cooked within three months. Therefore, if you want to buy more king salmon, it may be wise to buy only a modest amount of king salmon and switch to other varieties later in the year. If you really want to eat salmon all year round, it might be worth purchasing Ora king salmon. This is typically raised on fish farms in New Zealand, but it’s not considered premium quality.

Do not be afraid to buy King salmon in bulk because it will last longer if you store it properly. Salmon can be stored for several months in its sealed packaging, and there will be no sign that it will begin to deteriorate in quality. If you haven’t been able to recreate the taste of wild salmon from Alaska, it may be because you’ve not prepared it properly. To allow your salmon to thaw evenly, remove it from its plastic wrapper. It may take a few hours for the fish to fully thaw, but the fish should be prepared for eating within 1-2 days. You may also want to try a few different cooking recipes and timings. More importantly, buy your King salmon from a well-known company.


Is King salmon’s price worth it?

King salmon is very rich in fat. It is considered by most customers to be the best fish that money can buy. It is very healthy and rich.

When is the best time to purchase king salmon?

In the spring, the salmon species will start their long journey upstream to Alaska. Seasoning for Chinook salmon is off to a great start with this beautiful variety of salmon. Sockeye salmon are extremely popular in Alaska and are extremely popular from June to July.

Chinook Salmon vs. King Salmon. What fish is considered to be the tastiest to eat?

Chinook salmon, popularly called King salmon, is considered the best-tasting salmon among all salmon species. They are very fattening and have flesh that can be white or red.

Final Verdict

Every year, around May 1, the California wild-caught king salmon season starts vending salmon online to customers from all over the country. Many people are curious about where they can purchase wild-caught salmon from Alaska. They don’t realize that many customers prefer wild-caught salmon in California and that it usually costs less than the wild-caught salmon in Alaska. It’s undoubtedly a personal preference. 

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