Top 5 Severn River Fishing Hotspots

Anglers who prefer coarse fishing love taking their fishing trips to the Severn catchment, particularly for chub and barbel and in the middle reaches. The stretch of the water provides plenty of fishing opportunities for both new and experienced anglers. The River Severn rises on the hills of Plynlimon, the same slopes that feed the Wye. At around 220 miles, the Severn is one of the longest rivers in the UK. Some of its famous tributaries in the UK and Wells include the M4 Bridge, Clywedog, Vyrnwy, and Teme. Some streams the river runs through are well known for their large numbers of grayling fish and brown trout, especially in the Teme and the Clywedog tributaries. This guides highlights five popular Severn River fishing hotspots to make your next fishing expedition a breeze.

Is The River Severn Good For Fishing?

Severn catchment is renowned for its coarse fishing, especially for large barbel and chub. It also provides an excellent average size of salmon, like the Wye. Fish will start to come into the Severn River in May or June, which is the time when the spawning season begins. If you can fish the Vyrnwy, you will have some excellent fish catches, and if you can fish the Teme River further south, you will also have some great fishing opportunities. Main stem streams provide some of the best fishing for trout and grayling in the UK, especially in the upper reaches. 

Where can I fish on the Severn River?

Even though most of its shoreline is privately owned, there are several fishing spots that anglers can visit for their fishing escapades at the Severn River. They include:

1. Tucker Street

Boaters of all types can get into Weems Creek from the launch at Tucker Street, though there is limited parking. Weems Creek offers you plenty of fish for different angling tackles. In the summer, the docks are full of white perch; a few small baits on a jighead or a crawler are all you need to enjoy some good action. 

Fishing for rockfish? Try out the new Buzz Fluke, an upright fishing rod, and a plastic or stainless steel sinker. Head toward the Severn River and cast a bait like a Russel jig, a Rapala Hogue jig, or a Bucktail rigged with a tungsten hook. You may surprise yourself with the fish that you find! Fish upstream in the fall and winter when the water levels are low to catch fish with a Beetle Spin and a Zoom Fluke rigged with a weighted swimbait.

tucker street

2. Jonas Green Park

Driving over the Naval Academy Bridge allows you to access the part of the bridge that juts out into the water. This is the pier at Jonas Green Park, which overlooks the water at its deepest point. It’s possible to fish there for spotted bass, muskellunge, yellow perch, and rockfish. 

Fishing from a pier on the shore is an excellent way to fish the deeper water farther than you can cast a line to a lake or a river. You can even catch catfish and bluefish here. Try crabbing on baits that resemble pull traps to catch more fish. A popular way to fish from shore is to use a simple top-and-bottom rig with a one to two-ounce sinker and bait it with bloodworms, clams, or even fresh shrimp that you grab from the rocks with a dip net. 

Anglers who are looking for big fish will use a rig that uses two to four feet of fluorocarbon leader and a small hook that is baited with a soft-shell crab or a crawfish. Fish a hoop-style net to catch big fish because it takes a long time to drag them upstream, and if they happen to fall off the hook or break the line, it can cause a lot of trouble.

Use lightweight spinning gear for smaller fish. A small bait such as a Rat-L-Trap, Beetle Spin, or cuttlefish grub will give awesome action at this spot. If you have a kayak or standup paddleboard, you can launch it by hand. Fishing with larger lures, such as live minnows, and crankbaits, is possible if you have a big enough boat and are fishing in the right conditions. Anglers can bring their own boats to rent or take lessons at Paddle or Pedal.

green park

3. Acton’s Cove Waterfront Park

Do you only have a short time to fish? Do you want to have a fun time with your family? Do you need to get downtown quickly after you’ve finished fishing? If you only have a quick hour or two to fish, Acton’s Cove is the place to go! Located just a few blocks from the State House, this beautiful park lets people into the area to fish. You won’t be required to go through their front yard to fish. Floating docks allow you to launch and tie up small boats for trips to nearby waters and even farther afield.

Rat-L-Traps, Roostertails, and other in-line spinners work great for catching small fish. It is possible to get tangled up fishing at any location, so plan ahead and take some bait you won’t mind leaving behind. Fishing for a quick few perch is easy. Use small paddle tails and grubs that you can bait with a 1/16-ounce jig or a single-hook rig that you can rig with a bobber and a split shot. 

Fishing with bait that includes live baits like worms, bloodworms, and even minnows will bring in the fish. It’s a great place to showcase your fishing prowess to curious visitors. It may also inspire a child to take up fishing as a new activity.

cove waterfront park

4. Truxton Park/Spa Creek

Truxton Park is located at Spa Creek’s mouth, one of the best access points on the southern parts of Severn River. This is the best spot for launching the boat and driving to the mouth of the Severn for only $8. From there, you can walk or bike a short distance to the River and Bay. Paddlers can launch their boats for free and fish in the creek for pumpkinseed, white perch, croaker, and spot. You can also settle for some decent-sized rockfish if it’s warm enough. 

When boaters and paddlers pass by, it can be challenging to fish in the creek without a boat. It’s best to cast to docks and riprap to locate fish. Some launch points provide docks that allow fishermen to fish in the park without renting boats but beware that some of the creeks in the park are off limits to fishing.

Fishing with bloodworms, shrimp, a simple bobber, a split-shot sinker, and a hook works well. If fish don’t bite, walk along the trail and explore other options for fishing the creek.

truxton park 1

5. Smith’s Marina

There are many options when it comes to fishing the Severn River, including driving a long distance or parting with some cash to get a little closer. Anglers paddling the Severn River often find themselves in this dilemma: Is it worthwhile spending a few dollars to paddle from Jonas Green all the way to Sherwood Forest and other locations of the Severn River up north? If you see a few fish trawling along the way, that’s fantastic – but if that’s the spot you want to fish and your time is limited, you might need to go further.

Smith’s Marina in Crownsville provides a boat launch that puts you directly into the waters of Round Bay if you’re willing to pay $10. Anglers can trot through the deep water to find rockfish or hunt for schooling birds in search of baitfish. They can also head up the river to lakes where the water is mostly fresh and the fish species are plenty. You can fish for sunfish, largemouth bass, and yellow perch.


What Fish Are Found In The River Severn?

Fish in the Severn Estuary and further west to Bridgewater Bay are diverse and rich. You can find more than 100 fish living and feeding in the Estuary. Some marine species come to the Estuary accidentally by swimming upstream from the sea in search of food.

The fish species found in the estuary range from very common to very rare. Some fish species which thrive in the Severn Estuary include the common red frog, the common herring, the common cold, and the common squid. Rare fish species not often observed in the Estuary include the silver bream, blue carp, anchovies, and the sea lamprey.

Fish species can be grouped by their lifecycle, which gives a good idea of their habitat. Fish that migrate from other waters to live in estuaries are called “marine and estuarine opportunists.” Interestingly, some fish migrate to the Severn Estuary at certain stages in their life cycle, such as during the spawning season. Fish that stray into the Estuary from the sea or the freshwater are also available, as is the case with all fish that live entirely in estuaries.

Fish that spawn within the Estuary are usually sand gobies and sand smelts, as most fish species tend to spawn further out in the Bristol Channel. Their larvae swim coastal to the more sheltered estuaries. There are fewer predators in the calmer waters along the coastal area, and as long as the food is available, the Estuary becomes the perfect place for these larvae to thrive. Some fish live completely offshore, while others, such as bass and bluefish, make short trips to the Estuary to eat fish spotted in the area.

Wrapping Up

You must stay alert when fishing at the Severn River because it has exceptionally steep banks. In fact, you should always bring along a rope even if the banks don’t seem slippery. Fishing responsibly at the river requires you don’t leave your peg dirty once you’re done fishing. In addition, you should also carry your day permit and club membership card to avoid conflicts with the cub bailiffs who don’t condone illegal fishing. It would help if you always parked your truck responsibly to prevent blocking other visitors.

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