Top 5 Severn River Fishing Hotspots

Severn River Fishing Hotspots

Anglers who prefer coarse fishing love taking their fishing trips to the Severn catchment, particularly for chub and barbel and in the middle reaches. The stretch of the water provides plenty of fishing opportunities for both new and experienced anglers. The River Severn rises on the hills of Plynlimon, the same slopes that feed the … Read more

Chunking For Tuna: Expert Tips 

Chunking For Tuna

Experienced anglers who love fishing in the Mid-Atlantic region understand the tricks and best tackles of chunking for tuna. While some anglers may say it’s a messy and tedious adventure, trolling is a simplistic art of fishing. In fact, you’ll be surprised to find a few captains running out of the Indian River and Ocean … Read more

How To Catch Spanish Mackerel Like a Pro

How To Catch Spanish Mackerel

Spanish mackerel is the number one choice for most seasoned anglers. Many fish species, including those with the vaguest predatory instincts, eat mackerel. Reeling in mackerel depends on the tackle, rigs, locations, and seasons you choose for your net fishing trips. Moreover, you can rest assured of having a great time with your friends or … Read more

Best Patuxent River Fishing Spots

Patuxent River Fishing Spots

The main tributaries that feed the Patuxent River include Mattaponi Creek, Little Patuxent River, Western Branch, and the Davidsonville Branch. The Patuxent River bisects the shore of the State of Maryland south to the north. If you’re passionate about angling, you can find many catfish, bluefish, pickerel, largemouth bass, snakehead, and bass in this river. … Read more

Deep Dropping For Swordfish

Deep Dropping For Swordfish

The fiercest ocean predators many experienced anglers target are the swordfish because they offer a meaty taste and a brutish demeanor. Deep dropping for swordfish should be on your bucket list of the top lifetime feats out on the waters. You must know how to accurately read electronic charts, employ the right daytime swordfish catching … Read more

How to Find King Salmon Near Me?

King Salmon Near Me

It’s Memorial Day, and you can’t find king salmon near you or where to buy King salmon? You can usually catch King salmon in the Bay Area three months before Memorial Day. But it’s different this year. It looks like King salmon fishing in California isn’t set to begin until the middle of the year … Read more

Best Place to Fish in Azsuna

Best Place to Fish in Azsuna

Azsuna was a powerful gem of the mighty Night Elf Empire. Many of the empire’s buildings are gone, and they are now homes to vengeful elves and secret enclaves of blue dragons. The best place to fish in Azsuna is the waters around the Nar’thalas Academy. There are a handful of fishing spots just off … Read more

Are You Supposed To Kill Carp Fish?

Are You Supposed To Kill Carp

You’ve probably heard that the carp (Cyprinus carpio) is a type of fish that is dangerous to the environment and should be killed immediately after catching it. In fact, the fish species have been reported to be a menace to local diversity in some places across the globe. Some states require you to kill this … Read more

Sarasota Bay Fishing Guide for Beginners

Sarasota Bay Fishing Guide

Sarasota is often listed as one of the top tourist destinations in Florida because it’s perfect for anglers, people who want to party, and those who just want to relax. Fishers fishing in Sarasota can enjoy many different fishing opportunities. Sarasota Bay, which is on the west coast of Florida, is an hour south of … Read more

Expert Tips On Ice Fishing for Brown Trout

Ice Fishing for Brown Trout

Brown trout are a beautiful fish species that adapts well to frigid waters. Like most trout species, brown trout feed vigorously under the ice throughout winter. Very few anglers often pursue brown trout for a variety of reasons. Hopefully, our expert tips on ice fishing for brown trout will help you change your mind this … Read more

Crystal Lake Colorado Fishing Guide

Crystal Lake Colorado Fishing

Crystal Lake Colorado is a beautiful lake that sits in the shadow of the highest peaks of the Rocky Mountain, Mt. Massive, and Mt. Elbert. It’s located about six miles south of Leadville, Colorado, on the west end of US 24. Crystal Lake holds a great trout population and Rainbow Trout, making fishing exciting in … Read more

How to Fish a San Juan Worm Like a Pro

How to Fish a San Juan Worm

The San Juan Worm is a highly controversial organism among fly fishing enthusiasts because some factions consider it a fly while others don’t. Many fly fishers deride the idea of using the worm because it does not have the features and characteristics of an insect. However, some people view the San Juan Worm as a … Read more