Are You Supposed To Kill Carp Fish?

Are You Supposed To Kill Carp

You’ve probably heard that the carp (Cyprinus carpio) is a type of fish that is dangerous to the environment and should be killed immediately after catching it. In fact, the fish species have been reported to be a menace to local diversity in some places across the globe. Some states require you to kill this … Read more

Sarasota Bay Fishing Guide for Beginners

Sarasota Bay Fishing Guide

Sarasota is often listed as one of the top tourist destinations in Florida because it’s perfect for anglers, people who want to party, and those who just want to relax. Fishers fishing in Sarasota can enjoy many different fishing opportunities. Sarasota Bay, which is on the west coast of Florida, is an hour south of … Read more

Expert Tips On Ice Fishing for Brown Trout

Ice Fishing for Brown Trout

Brown trout are a beautiful fish species that adapts well to frigid waters. Like most trout species, brown trout feed vigorously under the ice throughout winter. Very few anglers often pursue brown trout for a variety of reasons. Hopefully, our expert tips on ice fishing for brown trout will help you change your mind this … Read more

Fly Fishing Lanyard Setup for Beginners

Fly Fishing Lanyard

When it comes to fly fishing, it’s the little things such as setting up the lanyard that make a huge difference. You need to horn your fly fishing lanyard setup skills to make the most of your fishing expedition. Although some fishermen ignore this very critical thing when going into the waters, it’s a great … Read more

Crystal Lake Colorado Fishing Guide

Crystal Lake Colorado Fishing

Crystal Lake Colorado is a beautiful lake that sits in the shadow of the highest peaks of the Rocky Mountain, Mt. Massive, and Mt. Elbert. It’s located about six miles south of Leadville, Colorado, on the west end of US 24. Crystal Lake holds a great trout population and Rainbow Trout, making fishing exciting in … Read more

Is Fly Fishing Hard to Learn?

Is Fly Fishing Hard to Learn

Fly fishing is one of the most enjoyable recreational activities out there. However, as a beginner, the learning curve can be quite steep, particularly if you have never done any other type of fishing. Common aspects of fly fishing that are hard to learn include setting up a rig, casting a rod, determining the sections … Read more

Snakehead Fry Recipe for a Crispy Taste

Snakehead Fry Recipe for a Crispy Taste

If you’ve ever eaten fried snakehead fish, you’ll agree it’s delicious. The firm, white, scaly meat gives it a great taste and makes it one of the best mouthwatering meals you can ever indulge in. But, suppose you bought snakehead fish from the market, how would you cook it? Fortunately, we’ve outlined this snakehead fry … Read more

Best Time To Fly Fish in All Seasons

Best Time To Fly Fish

Fly fishing refers to using artificial fishing lures such as flies to catch different types of fish in either saltwater or freshwater bodies. To catch your target fish, all you need to do is cast your specialized lure into the water and hope your target fish bites the bait. That means that you need the … Read more